Bodies of Water

Bodies of Water

11″ x 17″

Pigment ink, collage, handmade cotton paper

Bodies of Water: Compass Rose

17″ x 11″

Pigment inks, graphite, mica-based paints, toner transfer, Pergamenta paper

Bodies of Water: Laws of Gravity

11″ x 17″

Pigment inks, digital print, graphite

Bodies of Water: Boundaries

13″ x 20″

Pigment inks, graphite, toner transfer, Rives Lightweight paper

Bodies of Water: Tides Pull and Work

11″ x 9 3/4″

Rubber letterpress inks, Somerset cover paper

Bodies of Water: Instrument of Measure

15″ x 17″

Pigment inks, collage, graphite, Rives BFK paper


Bodies of Water: Spherical Systems

15″ x 17″

Pigment inks, collage, Rives BFK paper